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Personal Reflections, on... Personal Reflections

Personal Reflections, on... Personal Reflections

For the better part of 2020, I had been going through a path of personal reflection. In this brief series of posts, I'll be detailing some of those personal reflections. Today's post is going super meta, and we're going to talk about how my Year of Me never really got into the stream I wanted to.

This year has been... fun so far. Really fun. I started a new job late in 2020 which I am still really enjoying despite some difficulties, lockdown due to Covid-19 is still a thing but slowly becoming not a thing, and as far as I am aware thanks to a trial vaccine... I'm vaccinated against Covid. But this year has also been extremely not fun, work is extremely difficult for reasons I cannot go into, lockdown is still a thing and should stay a thing (Note to self: don't go political...), and my mental health has started to plummet again. Early gains at the start of the year have subsided, and things are... I don't know.

After February, I stopped thinking about things. I stopped thinking about myself, because it was just another thing to depress me. But then March has rolled around, and things are looking up again. Things that I've been working on in my personal life are coming to fruition two years after the initial time I've put applications in for things. Sure, I've also had other things happen like stepping away from volunteer positions that I really felt passionate about... but on the swing of it, lockdown is ending, and my LARP events will start up again hopefully in August, and I'll get to see family and friends I haven't for over a year and a half now.

So, 2021... What reflection am I taking from this? Well, obviously... good times are coming. And I just need to cope for now, and then in a few weeks/months... things will be OK.