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Personal Reflection, on Pronouns

Personal Reflection, on Pronouns

For the better part of 2020, I had been going through a path of personal reflection. In this brief series of posts, I'll be detailling some of those personal reflections. Today's post is about pronouns and choices.

Halfway through the year, I did a soft-change (I didn't tell anyone but a few close friends) and started using he/they pronouns. Partway through Autumn, I changed the preference around to they/he, and then at the start of Winter I fully adopted they/them. And my friends and the people around he have done an absolutely amazing job of catching themselves when they refer to me as the wrong pronoun at any time.

In fact... they've done a lot better at me at catchin them do it, to the point where... I hadn't been catching them make mistakes, and I hadn't called anyone out on it. In fact, I had people calling me he and I subconsciously shrugged it off, without even realising. I had friends telling me off for referring to myself as he when speaking about myself in third-person!

So... it's 2021, and what I am calling 'The Year of Me' starts, and it starts with a bang. I'm going back to he/they. I'm comfortable being called he or they. I really am, and while I feel bad for stringing my friends along and making these changes... surely I have to do what feels right for me, and makes me happy?